Evonlution Martial Arts Reviews

  • Whitney Wade Payne, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    We love everything about this school! The Tiny Tiger program is fun, relevant and rewarding. It focuses on Proper Technique (how to kick, punch, block etc. safely and accurately), Stranger Danger (what to do when/if a stranger approaches you), 911 Safety (knowing address, phone number, etc) as well as Life Skills (like loyalty and respect). My three year old daughter has improved focus, better flexibility and strength as well as greater confidence. She beams with excitement and pride when she tests for and finally earns new belts. The instructors are wonderfully patient and eager to help. Lastly, the wide variety of class options (Tigers can come M-Th and Sat) makes it easy and convenient for us to come several days a week.

    Whitney Wade Payne
  • Betsy Grantier Hernandez, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Superior Martial Arts has grown so much in the past few months and we couldn't be happier. Mr. Nunez has incredible energy and patience, excellent discipline, and an in-depth knowledge of his craft and the ATA franchise. Ms. Johnson is incredibly helpful with membership information and always greets the students with a smile. The array of classes offered is sure to appeal to a wide range of people - whether a beginner or a black belt.

    Betsy Grantier Hernandez
  • C.j. James , Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Mr. Nunez is doing a great job leading his own school. I've had the pleasure of training under him in the Winston Salem school before he moved to Charlottesville.

    C.j. James
  • Jim Keseday, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    We could not be happier with our decision to send our boys to Superior. Mr. Nunez is an exceptional instructor/teacher. I highly recommend checking them out.

    Jim Keseday
  • Cameron White, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Excellent school with excellent instructors. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get started or continue their training in martial arts!

    Cameron White
  • Amber Holmes Young, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    We have two children, one child who needed more confidence and another who needed to learn more self-control. Both kids are doing fantastic and making strides in both areas. The instructors are fantastic and they support the special needs community. You couldn't ask for a better team with parents and instructors working together to meet your goals.

    Amber Holmes Young
  • Maxwell Van Eck, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    A phenomenal martial arts studio with professional staff. Visited multiple times and have had a blast every time!

    Maxwell Van Eck
  • Paola A. Marsal, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great instructors and amazing atmosphere. Way to go Mr. Nunez

    Paola A. Marsal
  • Krystal Cersley Lauer , Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    My husband and I wanted to provide an activity for our four and three-year old sons to reinforce athleticism, structure, character, and motivation. ATA and the Cirones have met every wish! We and other members of our family have been nothing but impressed by the instruction and services provided. There has never been a moment of regret for becoming part of the ATA Leadership team, and we value the positive impact the Cirones have in the lives of our children.

    Krystal Cersley Lauer
  • Jude Grayson, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Tremendous leadership and instruction from a staff that really cares about their students and families!

    Jude Grayson
  • Sharron Jones, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    ATA is a great school great learning environment for kids. The instructors (Master and Mrs. Cirone) are very patient and kind always showing the students they believe in them and always pushing them to work hard and be dedicated. My son has learned at lot from them not to mention he now kicks like a mule lol and he loves the kraft.

    Sharron Jones
  • JaRessia Martin, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    This place is great. I have been studying Krav Maga here for a year and it's always been fun. The classes are structured to help build muscle memory and get you used to the movements. No one is left behind and we continuously vary the material to keep it fresh. It's very easy to pickup and everybody helps each other and I look forward to working with a fantastic group of people every day.

    JaRessia Martin
  • Mitchell B. Gladden, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    My daughter is a blue belt at ATA. It has opened her eyes and given her confidence. She loves learning new ways to defend herself. The instructors are great with kids and adults. If you are thinking about putting your children in a self defense school, I would recommend ATA Leadership Martial Art, Charlottesville.

    Mitchell B. Gladden
  • Brenda Guerra Nyarko, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    ATA Leadership Martial Arts is a great program. Our son is in the Tiny Tigers Program and he really enjoys jungle time. He has learned so much and I love that they incorporate self-control and respect as part of their training.

    Brenda Guerra Nyarko
  • Teresa Dawn Mawyer Rittenhouse, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Fantastic class, great instructors, and great classmates. I got a great workout and learned a lot in just my 1st lesson

    Teresa Dawn Mawyer Rittenhouse
  • Terry Tinsley, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    I love ATA Instructors!! They are so dedicated and truly care about the students and the love of the Martial Arts. They bring out the best in my daughter.

    Terry Tinsley
  • Shadan Basarat Zahedi , Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great place to learn Tae Kwan Do ! This is Kung Fu Shadan as always !

    Shadan Basarat Zahedi
  • Catherine Gardill Ballard, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Awesome Instructors! Really love the kids!

    Catherine Gardill Ballard
  • Patrick Lawrence, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Cream of the crop!!

    Patrick Lawrence
  • Ryan Cirone, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials


    Ryan Cirone
  • Malena Oviedo, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Excelente!!! Muchas felicidades al hermoso equipo humano de ATA Leadership Martial Arts.

    Malena Oviedo
  • Phon Wikoff, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    This is an excellent martial arts school! My son (6yr) started as a Tiny Tiger, where he not only learned Taekwondo skills, but also important life skills such as stranger danger, respect, loyalty, honor and communication. He's also building confidence and discipline, all while having a ton of fun! He is very shy, but Mr. Nunez and the other instructors are helping him to come out of his shell and find his voice. He just recently "graduated" to the beginner class and we are looking forward to the new challenge. The instructors work well with students of all ages and personality types and pay careful attention to what their needs are to bring out the best of their abilities. Belt testing is well organized and appropriate for the students' ability level. The school offers multiple class times and additional activities, such as fitness classes and parents' night out.

    Phon Wikoff
  • Becky Hockman, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Mr Nunez has such a wonderful demeanor with children. He enforces skills development with respect, humility dignity and stength. While teaching these values he maintains a fun atmosphere for the children. My son loves going to "Taekwondo with Mr Nunez"

    Becky Hockman
  • Jason Lauer, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great martial arts school! When we started at this school over a year ago it was under a different name (ATA Leadership Academy) and different ownership. We loved the Cerones and everything they taught our boys.

    Currently, Mr. Nunez and the Superior Martial Arts team has taken over the reigns. They have made the transition seemless and are continuing to strengthen the school and its programs. Mr. Nunez is great with the kids and mixes the right amount of structure with fun. This school is highly recommended and we look forward to growing with the Superior Martial Arts family for years to come.

    Jason Lauer
  • Rodrigo Marsal, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Awesome school, awesome staff! You can tell they really love what they do! I highly recommend this school for kids & adults

    Rodrigo Marsal
  • Sheila Parker, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great Instructor. The kids love going there.

    Sheila Parker
  • Khansaa Daba, Evonlution Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great school with amazing instructors.

    Khansaa Daba

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